The Advanced Wrestling Academy has a very clear vision. Build the Saskatchewan wrestling program back up to it's former glory. With the removal of the University of Regina Wrestling team there is a big void in the sport for kids in southern Saskatchewan right now. We are looking to help these kids fall in love with the sport and reach whatever level of success they are working towards. That can be training hard to be on the national team, being a city/provincial champ in high school, or just getting in better shape and being part of a team. We welcome everyone and have a fun family environment.

How we Accomplish This

To accomplish this the very first thing you need is to make practice fun. The old days of coaches making kids run the same move hours on end are over. Nobody enjoys that, the kids drift off, stop learning and just go through the motions. When you are having fun, you don’t even notice you are sweating and working hard. Once the athletes get hooked then you can dial things up and put the work in. After athletes see the results of their efforts that’s when the rewarding feeling really sets in and they decide how much they want to reach for in the sport.

Sports in general are invaluable to helping kids learn life skills. A sport like hockey helps kids learn to develop chemistry with team mates. Football helps kids become part of a brotherhood that goes to war together and has to learn to rely on each other. Wrestling is a sport that teaches us to look inward for strength. When you are on the mat you have to look inward and find the will and desire to push through adversity. When kids start to do this, you will not believe the confidence and character it builds within them. These are all incredibly important life skills for kids to grow up with. The value of athletics is really over looked in Canada.